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Buy MPU test - positive MPU report guaranteed

MPU information

Participation in an MPU is subject to very strict rules. It is usually required in the case of serious violations of the road traffic law. If drugs are abused or in possession while driving or if you drive with a blood alcohol level of more than 1,6 per mille, an MPU is required, and it is not easy to pass, but with us you can worry-free Order MPUThose who have been prescribed an MPU report because of drug or alcohol offenses have it even harder and must undergo further specific psychological examinations. The blood is tested for substances and alcohol.

The most common offenses committed to a MPU test in Germany are: drugs behind the wheel, more than seven points in Flensburg and repeated alcohol consumption, speeding and serious cases of driving that can endanger the person concerned and others. It can also happen that you have been called to the MPU because you have lost your driving license.

How much does an MPU test for a driving license in Germany cost and include?

The costs for the MPU test must be borne by the person themselves and are not exactly low. If tests have to be carried out because of drug or alcohol consumption, they are even higher. The average is 750 euros, but as already mentioned, if you have to have hair analyses carried out, another 300 euros will be charged, and for urine samples it is 100 euros. Save not only costs, but also potential negative consequences and order your MPU test online. 

The examinations are not easy to pass either, they look for signs of alcohol or drug abuse and the person concerned has to undergo coordination tests, performance tests and sensory perception tests. This is not even all that is needed to get into Germany the MPU test to pass.

Buying online therefore offers many advantages:

  • No medical examination 
  • No lengthy, intense, and potentially uncomfortable psychological conversations
  • Save a lot of costs and time
  • We delete your MPU in the official databases
  • Save yourself prep tasks for the MPU test to take online

Regardless of whether you have an MPU or not, you will receive your new driver's license from us in just 3 days, with no questions asked. Thanks to our long-standing and close contacts with the relevant authorities, we are able to completely erase every trace of your MPU. It is as if you have been called for an assessment. You will receive your brand new driver's license without an MPU and can use it as you wish throughout Europe and in all countries where it is valid. Finally, you can drive without worries again!

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