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Buy Switzerland Driving License | Swiss Driving License

Buy a Swiss driving license – online and without any effort

Get a driving license in Switzerland and save yourself the effort

As is well known, obtaining a Swiss driving license is not easy. Many driving licenses are not recognized in Switzerland. Maybe you don't meet the necessary requirements? Are you in a hurry but need to take another exam? Or are you a permanent employee and simply don't have the time to take the international Swiss driving license? Do you suffer from exam anxiety and have failed the exam several times despite your best efforts?

If you acquire your Swiss driving license through a driving school, this will involve a lot of costs and effort. If you have your Swiss driving license online choose, it also saves a lot of effort. Excluding VKU and driving lessons, the cost is around CHF 900. Before you can even begin, you must complete an eye test and emergency aid course. Only then can you apply for your teaching license from the road traffic office.

As soon as the theory test is passed, the learner driver receives a learner's license. This is followed by traffic knowledge lessons and driving lessons. The price of a driving lesson is on average CHF 100 per unit. If you have successfully passed the test, you will receive your Swiss driving license. But don't worry - all this effort isn't necessary if you order your new driving license from us.

Buy a Swiss driving license – 100% authentic

Do you have to undergo an assessment or has your Swiss driving license been revoked? No matter what your background may be, you too are welcome to take advantage of our offer. If your driving license has been lost, we offer quick help and we will process your Swiss car driving license immediately. The choice of the class of your driving license is up to you, regardless of whether it is a motorcycle license or class BE.

If you with us your Buy driver's license in Switzerland This is provided with the unique blank number, the traffic light, and is 100% identical to the Swiss original. It has every safety feature. You don't have to worry about crossing the border or traffic controls because there are all controls.

Choose a Swiss driving license online and quickly get back on the road with your own vehicle

Wondering how the process works? Ordering is child's play. You simply tell us which class of driving license or driving licenses you would like to order. Your international Swiss driving license will be processed quickly and you can expect your new document in 3 days. This saves you quite a bit of money. 

We only ship with reliable carriers to ensure that you receive your new driving license as quickly and safely as possible. You can rely on Fuhrerscheinn.com, thousands of our driving licenses are in circulation without any problems, which makes us happy customers approved.

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