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Real Swedish driver's license, in just 3 days

Driving license tourism, or the illusion of saving a lot of money abroad if you get your driving license there, is becoming increasingly popular. But this is deceptive, travel, accommodation, petrol and expensive driving schools as well as difficult tests often await the optimistic learner driver. To one to get a Swedish driver's license, you must first have lived or studied in the country for six months before you can even apply for a driver's license. A full health screening statement and eye test is required for the driving permit. In addition, so-called Risk 1 and Risk 2 courses have to be mastered, which alone are around 300 € cost.

All foreign licenses expire after 12 months, so there is no getting around the process. If you are planning to emigrate to Sweden yourself or have received a job offer there, but which one Swedish EU driving license requires, then you can order it from us and receive it in just 3 days. So nothing stands in the way of the job. The Swedish driving license costs on average about the same as in Germany, around €1,500, but due to the unfamiliar environment and driving style, this can lead to some expensive driving lessons.

Buy Swedish driving license without application, hours or stress

With us you don't have to travel all the way to Sweden to get your driving license. We make your life easier and you can acquire your license from home, without any travel application, driving school, health checks and a 6-month minimum domicile. Order yours Swedish driving license in Germany and in just 3 days you can start and be mobile in Sweden! 

By the way, this is very suitable for people who are not at home often and work abroad a lot, but whose family and children live in Sweden. Because the time required alone often makes it impossible for them Swedish driver's license to master, because the many hours and applications make this a real torture. Rely on us, our Swedish driving licenses are registered in databases and you can drive freely throughout the EU, as well as in some other countries, with your new driving license.

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Order a Swedish driver's license: how it works

Obtaining your new driver's license is a breeze. Simply contact us by email or WhatsApp. We will of course respond to you as quickly as possible. Tell us your exact wishes for yours Swedish EU driving license, such as data and class and we will process it immediately.

You save a lot of effort, time and money. Our Swedish driving licenses pass every test and we only use the best quality materials. Our licenses include every hologram, as well as all other properties to identify authenticity. 

Order today and have your brand new driver's license in your hand in just 3 days! Now nothing stands in your way and you can take part in Swedish and international traffic just like any other road user.

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