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Buy Romanian driving license online

Acquire the driving license as a Romanian driving license

You will ask yourself why a Romanian driving license can be the solution to enable you to drive on German or European roads. To answer this, let's take a step back. Nowadays, having a driving license is a given. It is common practice to hold the coveted document in your hands from the age of 18 at the latest.
Dreams come true when you pass your driving test. Not only the dream of owning your own car, but also the desire for unlimited mobility and freedom can be fulfilled with a driving license. The Romanian driving license is recognized in Germany and you can use all roads as a driver without restrictions. Find out why this can be important.

Order the Romanian driving license as a real alternative

It is a lengthy process to get a driving license in Germany: the theory test requires extensive knowledge that you have to acquire over months using an app and in on-site lessons.

When it comes to an exam, often only small things make a difference. Only a few
Questions answered incorrectly lead to failure. They are not whole
Are you good at speaking German or have learning problems? Then you rise
Risk of failing the exam. In practice it looks similar.
Every driving lesson is expensive, it takes a few hours to even get there
to be admitted to the exam.

Many people fear the rapid increase in costs; they would like to get a driving license but cannot afford it. In addition, it usually takes a few months before you can hold the coveted document in your hands. We offer a solution for this, after all you can get your Romanian driving license online - and faster than you thought. Contact us for your individual offer.

Order the Romanian driving license as a real alternative

  • Getting a new driver's license or bypassing an MPU is extremely easy with our solution. Your advantages are:
  1. - speed

  • - attractive prices

  • - legal document

  • - bypassing the exams

  • - guaranteed anonymity

  • - full right of use on all EU roads

  • - Delivery via DHL and UPS

  • - competent and discreet advice

The Romanian driving license in Germany can be ordered here

As a reputable provider of alternatives, our experts provide expert advice. Many people think that the Romanian driving license is fake, but our service provides you with real documents.

Trust our experienced experts and contact us. We help you on the way to get your driver's license.

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  1. Amazing and very fast service, I live in France and received the ID within days. Great and really responsive customer service too. I highly recommend it.

  2. I'm very satisfied. This is my first experience with ordering online and I was a little concerned about the process and the internet safety. But I must say it worked fantastically. The response was very fast and professional and made me feel confident.

  3. While traveling found this site. Opened up a chat, and agents walked me through everything, kept the chat open and even messaged a correction I needed to make on my application. Ensured my ID was valid in the country I was in. This company rocks!

  4. The quick and urgent response from the customer service provider is the best they are good at their service very reliable but the postal office needs to be reliable in discharge of their customers service thanks for being patient with me despite my errors I really appreciate your help and support. I recommend you EU licenses.

  5. Pretty fast and very helpful customer service. I could use this in the UAE without any issues. Would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a trouble free experience!

  6. Instead, my situation was treated as a source of humor on this site. This employee is an achievement for others; They are knowledgeable and handle sensitive information related to DL, ID, passports etc on a daily basis.

  7. I have only had good experiences with fuhrscheinn.com and I really appreciate the company. I want to highlight a really great rider on their team. He is so friendly, helpful and thorough. I am a truck driver and my driving license was delivered by dhl. They always treat them with amazing care, notifying me when packages are damaged in transit and making a note of that damage on the system in case I need to make a return. Plus, it really brightens my day!

  8. This is one of the best customer service I have ever seen, a team of very humble, experienced, and professional people.

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