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Polish driver's license made easy - No need to travel to Poland or anywhere else

Every year, numerous Germans travel to Poland to acquire their driver's license there. The reasons for this are often a driver's license withdrawal and/or a mandatory MPU condition in Germany. On Polish EU driving license worth it when you consider the time and cost of a local MPU edition. However, additional costs arise due to the journey to and stay in Poland.

Taking into account room, board and fuel, plus official expenses and issuance fee for the Polish driver's license, you will incur some costs. On average, a class B driving license costs around 2,600 euros. If you opt for Class A and B, the costs are as low as 3,600 euros. This amount is exclusive of driving lessons, costs for the exam, the translator and the notarized person, which will be added.

But it's not just the costs that come into play when you make your Get a driver's license in Polish, but you must also show a valid Polish place of residence and the relevant documents accordingly. In addition, there is the language barrier and a challenging driving test, which the students often do not have to pass and repeat immediately.

Polish driving license without exam, driving lessons or Polish residence

You must be able to show permanent Polish residence when you apply. You must be able to prove this with payslips, rental contracts and other documents. The address of a Polish friend doesn't help much. Some Polish driving schools offer residency as part of their range of services, but the cost of one Polish driver's license are pushed even higher as a result. 

If you don't pass the test, which is not exactly easy, your stay will be longer and this will lead to additional expenses, such as extra driving lessons and the test fee.

But don't worry, makes it easy for you to acquire one today. With us you can make yours without any effort Buy Polish driver's license. You don't have to worry when crossing the border or at traffic checks, because your new driving license is registered in all the necessary databases and is the same as a real German driver's license. We're happy to answer any of your questions or comments, just get in touch with our customer service team Contact

Your Polish driver's license is processed in just 3 working days after the order, so that you can quickly get back on the road. When you buy your new Polish driving license at order online, veravoid the huge effort, travel costs, exams, hotel and other high expenses. Place your order today to get your new driver's license without stress!

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  1. oh yeah its ok thank you so much i am writing this with so much joy in my heart still cant believe i have my drivers license now

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  3. These guys are so quick in the driver's license processing and their driver's license is verified and authentic

  4. Can drive but no driver's license? Is it required for the job you are applying for? Can't get around? Are you afraid of being caught by the police because you don't have a driver's license?

  5. You are legit not a scam bro, my license was delivered to my doorstep just a few hours ago. I am grateful sir

  6. Dzięki Bogu za tę stronę, teraz mogę bez problemu jeździć po Polsce. po prawie rocznym próbie zakupu, w końcu i spotkałem i wysłali mi prawo jazdy w ciągu zaledwie 5 dni. Używam go teraz przez 2 tygodnie i pomyślnie przechodzę przez wszystkie kontrole. chłopaki, polecam i.

  7. Great customer service. They answered my question within minutes and got the answers I needed. Thank you. I will bring my friends to get license from you.

  8. When I discovered this store I had doubts about what I was planning to buy, so I asked them by email and they, on a fastest, politely, professional way, replied back to me, making me feel comfortable to keep ordering on their company. From that day on, I'm shopping here with confidence.....
    I highly recommend this company!!!

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  11. Fantastic customer service, really at tentative and knowledgeable.
    Friendly staff, supportive and pleasant when answering questions. I love the fact that he spoke my language making it easier.

  12. I got my driver's license today! Thank you very much, that was very fast and good service. I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first but your company was very professional and quick. Your service is a very convenient and practical way to get an international driver's license. Thank you very much!
    Sincerely yours,

  13. był bardzo pomocny i odpowiedział na wszystkie moje pytania bez żadnych problemów. Przyjemność do czynienia.

  14. I was stuck with my car in India without a driver's license and there was no hope of getting an Indian license due to COVID lockdown's. Luckily I still had my US driver's license and with a 3 year DL, I am able to drive in India without any issues. There service was prompt and the DL was shipped to India within a week. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is traveling outside their home country

  15. I'm really so thankful for the quick reply and great support, I live in Australia and it was so nice and easy to do all the paperwork to get my license. I really appreciate all your efforts,

  16. he guided me through the application process and supported me to get my ID as fast as possible. Very special thanks to him!!

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