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Polish driver's license made easy - No need to travel to Poland or anywhere else

Every year, many Germans travel to Poland to obtain their driving license there. The reasons for this are often the withdrawal of their driving license and/or a mandatory MPU requirement in Germany. Polish EU driving license is worthwhile when you consider the time and costs of a local MPU requirement. However, there are additional costs associated with traveling and staying in Poland.

Taking into account room, board and fuel, plus official expenses and issuance fee for the Polish driver's license, you will have to pay a lot of money. On average, a class B driving license costs around 2,600 euros. If you choose classes A and B, the costs are already 3,600 euros. This amount does not include driving lessons, costs for the test, the translator and the certified person, which are additional costs.

But it's not just the costs that come into play when you make your Get a driver's license in Polish, but you must also have a valid Polish residence and the corresponding documents. Added to this is the language barrier and a challenging driving test, which students often do not pass immediately and have to repeat.

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Polish driver's license made easy - No need to travel to Poland or anywhere else

When applying, you must be able to show that you have a permanent Polish residence. You must be able to prove this with pay slips, rental contracts and other documents. The address of a Polish friend is not much help in this case. Some Polish driving schools offer residence as part of their service, but the costs for a Polish driver's license are pushed even higher as a result. 

If you fail the test, which is notoriously difficult, this will extend your stay and result in further expenses, such as extra driving lessons and the test fee.

But don't worry, Fuhrerscheinn.com makes it easy for you to acquire one today. With us you can make yours without any effort Buy Polish driver's license. When crossing the border or at traffic controls, you do not need to worry, because your new driving license is registered in all necessary databases and is the same as a real German driving license. We are happy to answer all your questions or comments, just contact our customer service team Contact Us

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